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Facilities Management

Our Job Continues Long After Construction

Turning your building concept into a reality.

Single Source of Contact

ABEL's on site staff provides one company to contact for as many services needed under the contract agreement. 24 hours a day, 7 days week, 365 days a year.

ABEL's team is embedded in your facility

ABEL provides an expert team of professionals that works for that one building/plant, and for just that one client providing assurances to the company we know everything about that facility and its operations.

Economically efficient and cost effective

Under our FM contract agreement, ABEL is under contract to provide the services for an agreed upon cost structure. The projects cost limits are set and with one phone call or email, we can proceed to providing a solution to any facility issue or problem.

Our Job Continues Long After Construction

Our facilities management team is dedicated to ensuring your project continues to meet the ongoing needs of your day-to-day operations. We’re experts at maintaining buildings, grounds and physical infrastructure in a cost-efficient, safe and environmentally sound manner. ABEL Construction provides a diversified scope of services under our Facility Management Agreement for some of the most well known and recognizable corporations in the world. ABEL provides our clients with a wide variety of construction/renovation/maintenance services such as:

-  Structural steel erection
-  Asphalt paving
-  Any and all types of concrete projects
-  Interior fit up renovation projects
-  Fencing
-  Demolition
-  HVAC & Electrical projects: air handlers, metal duct work, chillers- Building controls, lighting      systems, transformers, switchgear
-  Facility Management services such as: landscape/snow removal, energy services, industrial cleaning, lighting maintenance

A few benefits of ABEL's Facilities services:

-  Reduces mobilization/demobilization costs
-  Improves scheduling of services
-  Single point of contact
-  We provide our clients with knowledge of building/facility operations and design
-  Value engineering BEFORE the work begins

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